Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Happy to Have Been Created By God

12 I have made the earth, and created man upon it: I, even my hands, have stretched out the heavens, and all their host have I commanded.

Isaiah 45:12 (King James Version)

Are you happy to have been born?

Wow, I hope you are.

I also hope you're kind to others.

Only then can they be happy they're born, too!

Actually, if we're all kind to each other, we become happy.

And when we become born-again Christians, I tell ya, the happiness is magnified a trillionfold.

I think to myself, how can anyone not be grateful to the Creator?

How can anyone not look back at God who created us?

How can anyone turn their backs on our Source?

How can anyone ever think He'd abandon us all?

Nope, not in my books!

I love God ABOVE all.

Even before I became a born-again Christian, God searched my heart and found His Name was everywhere.

I was searching for His TRUTH alone.

Gosh, how I searched, prayed, longed, and waited.

And how I've erred, too -- so very many times -- the kind that brings tears and repentance upon my soul.

But we can't bring back time.

Fortunately, God loves us, and each day we're breathing (even with masks on these days), He's giving us a chance to repent, and get back on track with Him -- through JESUS.

And if our hearts are true, and our desire for God is fervent and unbending, He will send His Holy Spirit to teach us.

But that can only happen if we follow JESUS first, as a born-again Christian.

All my blogs and posts have shown you ALL the Scripture verses that support that.

Everything I learned, after having been a born-again Christian for nearly 11 months now, has been exactly as my heart thought.

Huh, the heart does the thinking?

You bet!

In God's kingdom, it's the heart that does the thinking.

It's the heart that is searched by God, for our authenticity, for the love we have for Him, the desire to know Him, and the intention we have for others.

And when He finds that God gene (that has been in us all this time, except absorption with the world covered it), JESUS smiles, and the Holy Spirit is sent to teach us all.

That's what true happiness is.

In finding God.

In knowing all about Him.

Become like little children, Jesus said.

For only then can we see the kingdom of God.

Our child-like eyes don't have cataracts.

We begin to see clearly.