Saturday, September 7, 2019

Biblical Prophecy You Will Want To Listen To

I knew nothing about Biblical Prophecy, much less about Dr. David R. Reagan.

Of course, God had other ideas.

I did say I only wanted to do His Will and please, what was His Will?

It almost took forever to reach this end of my research, for I was searching for God's Truth alone.

And what would God's Truth be without Scriptures?

I'm no Bible expert.

I've read many books but never really read the Bible in full.

God knew that.

But He also knew I was dearly searching for His Truth alone, the one that resonates well with the Spirit of God in me.

Finally, I was "led" to this particular video:

And this:

That's how I got to love the way Dr. David R. Reagan delivered God's Message straight to my heart.

Finally, I have some understanding why I get dreams, visions, and images of America since 2007.

Despite its large debt and unpopular foreign policy, America is still considered to be the most powerful nation on earth.

Liked or reviled, we must admit many citizens of many countries follow her political, economic, cultural, and religious trends.

And that's why Dr. Reagan spoke powerfully of how this country has set aside God and how this will affect this country.

As Dr. Reagan says, he doesn't know the "time" when Christ will come.

He only knows the "season" when He will.

I wasn't into Biblical Prophecy for many ministers tended to convert their listeners.

They came on too strong and were too theatrical.

I'm not into that.

I do my own independent research, following the call of my heart and the intuition of my soul.

Almost mercifully, God gifted me with Dr. Reagan and his findings, connecting  America and Israel to how the end times would be, based on Scripture.

Here's another wonderful video where Dr. Reagan shares his "50 Reasons We Are All In the End Times":

Does this knowledge scare you?

I hope not.

I actually welcomed the new/old information.

I figure, if your heart is true, and you love and trust God with all your heart, all will be well.

God has sent His Son and many messengers, angels, and prophets.

How have we treated them?

Well, maybe, this time we will listen.

I am.