Monday, December 10, 2018

The Man Who Liked Small, Enclosed Spaces

I don't feel so weird anymore.

For whatever strange reason, I found myself drawn to the late Isaac Asimov, a hugely prolific writer and thinker who liked working in small, enclosed spaces -- something I can relate to.

I was stunned at the many similarities we shared in manner and style, even as I'm a far cry from his scientific and writing career.

We both shuddered at the idea of dissecting alley cats, that's why I didn't pursue Medicine, even as I toyed around with that idea after Architecture. For his part, he was a Zoology major but later shifted to Chemistry, in deference to the poor cats.

The sight of blood and having to "study" frogs and cats took that idea right out of my head.

I often seem to "stumble" upon discoveries as I research and it's remarkable and a bit odd that in that Wikipedia material on him it also mentioned that his mother put his birthday at 7 September 1919.

Strangely, we share the same birthday, even as he was way ahead of me.

We discover later that his mother did that only so he'd go to school a year earlier.

This Russian genius' birthday would have been between 4 October 1919 and 2 January 1920. He passed on in 1992.

He wrote and edited over 500 books and 90,000 letters and postcards.

Apparently, we both like the paranormal as he was also founding member of a paranormal society. For my part, I do independent research and merely follow my instincts.

I write like crazy, but he's even crazier.

I'm no match for this outspoken genius.

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Weird and lovely things happen when you're in sync.

Updated 21 January 2022