Thursday, June 27, 2019

The Adorable Jack-Jack

Straight to the heart.

That's how Jack-Jack made an impact on me when I first encountered him yesterday.

And I never never ever wish to recover.

This infant's innocence, laughter, and many funny, natural ways hit my heart right on-center.

I was Jack-Jack and he was me.

We're pure instincts, first base with stuff.

We both have many personalities that come forth depending on who or what we're with.

Different people and creatures elicit different reactions.

We're happily in our world, minding our own business, perpetually curious about most everything, and loving our families so.

We love huge chunks of cookies, our great "pacifier".

If you know anything about "Incredibles 2" you'd love this tiny guy, too.

That laughter, the character, and the innocence tickles your funny bone and touches your heart.

I hope he never grows up.

I thought I was five years old.

How wrong I was.

I'm much younger.

I'm Jack-Jack.

I'm just a baby.

We see things pretty much the same way.

We're good when we're with good people.

But boy, when we see bad people or injustice done, we get going.

Then our super powers come a-visitin'.

Too bad about the mistaken thief, the raccoon, though...

Don't you love to laugh?

Don't you love funny stuff?

True laughter is from the soul.

It springs from it.

Jack-Jack did that to me, like no other character -- real or cartoon -- ever did.

But I'm on the "happy baby" path, starting with the article I wrote on 14 June 2019. 

I thank God for reminding me of who I originally was.

I am Jack-Jack.