Tuesday, November 17, 2020

A Day in the LIFE of a BELIEVER


I believe in Jesus with all my heart.

I believe He is the SON of GOD.

I believe He suffered for us, was crucified, died, was buried, and rose on the THIRD day.

I believe He will RETURN at a time only known to the FATHER.

And thus, we all have to be ready for the Lord -- at ALL times.

We have to have repented, become born-again Christians, and offer our life to the LORD.

Only then will the Spirit of God teach us EVERYTHING about JESUS.

Every day that I study verses from Scripture, really trying to find out EVERYTHING about God, the more understanding is given.

It is the only way I could create blogs, and write the posts, which I share with all of you most every day.

But I am just a child, knowing nothing, but believing EVERYTHING the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD tells me, as He guides me each day as a "workman".

Well, THREE magnificent things happened early this morning:

1. I thought of these DECLARATIONS from JESUS, which had been in my heart for sometime now.

2. I was led by the Holy Spirit of God to a couple of IMPORTANT verses spoken by JESUS about Israel.

3. I was tasked to feature those verses, and in the process, the Holy Spirit led me back to an article I wrote last year, as I was just into my 8th day as a born-again Christian.

The AMAZING thing is that those three things were CONNECTED to each other, about WHEN Jesus will show up in Israel again, and why the Jews are non-believers.

What an AMAZING find for me!

What I really want you to know is that when you LOVE God with all your heart, or are sincere in wanting to know EVERYTHING about Him, He will make sure you do, through JESUS and His Holy Spirit.

Why is Israel so important in these end times?

That's the next step God wants me to explore.

For now, it's time to re-assess your relationship with God.

Search your heart.

How can we not LOVE and HONOR the CREATOR?

How can we not be grateful for the LIFE given?

How can we not acknowledge His GIFT of His SON, Jesus?

How can we not want to know the FACTS about JESUS?

How can we not acknowledge the LOVE, OBEDIENCE, and SACRIFICE of JESUS?

Very strange, indeed.


Championing the BIBLE