Sunday, December 30, 2018

6 Things For a Beautiful 2019

A new year will be here soon.

Another wonderful opportunity to think, speak, and do better.

And while we're still at the doorway, we can assess how it's all been for us and see what we can do better this time around.

Every day, as always, is a golden opportunity to create more wonderful and positive things and to be kinder to others.

It's your life.

You must give attention to how you're living it.

Have a desire for God so great that nothing can ever dampen your spirit.

When you love God so much, you will also make sure others become know about Him.

What really matters most anyway in life?

1. That we love God above all.

2. That we know God's will.

3. That we believe in Jesus.

4. That we are guided by the Holy Spirit.

5. That we live by Scripture.

6. That we respect each other's rights.

7. That we love each other.

It's always good to stick to the few basics.

Doesn't make sense to over-think it, really.

But these are what always spring from my soul.

I'm sure you'll have your own "tenets" for living.

After all, it's your life and you ought to live it your way, the best way you alone know how.

I created this blog primarily for myself, to document my own life and thinking at each moment, and to help me remember stuff I may have forgotten.

If people care for my thoughts, I'd be so honored that you'll want to look into my 60 blog posts so far. That will give me the added boost to keep writing and remembering.

I've also got other blogs and loads of projects I wish to accomplish. By the Grace of God, I'll have the continuing creativity to do all that.

It's really good to say goodbye to the past and to greet 2019 with a new heart, a new resolve, a new form of creativity, and a more open mind.

May all of you achieve and enjoy all your heart's desire for yourself and your families.

Here's wishing all of you a magnificent 2019!

Updated 21 January 2022