Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Something Good Surfaces All the Time

Do you believe that something good surfaces all the time, despite all the challenges in our lives?

I firmly believe that, for when it seems all is lost, something wonderful surfaces on its own.

And it seems that the key there is when you "trust and allow".

It always good to do your best but sometimes, you must ALLOW Heaven to help you.

Sometimes, you must step back and let God work His Miracles "through" you or "through" others.

After we pray and ask for help, we don't really know how the miracle will take place -- in what form, through which people, or how it will come through us.

But one thing for sure, Heaven never sleeps. God is always awake. The Angels are always on stand-by, waiting for God's Instructions.

There's only so much we humans can do and oftentimes, when we're all exhausted and depleted, not knowing what to do anymore, something wonderful surfaces and we say such things like:

"That was a miracle!"

"Where did that come from?"

And we gasp in awe at how things "seem" to have evolved on their own, without us even lifting a finger.

Another key to miracles is to keep believing.

Have faith that God is in charge and sees all we go through each day. 

There is nothing in Heaven that will not be for our good. It is all good. It is all God. We simply have to have faith that God is in charge, despite the seeming disorder and chaos in our lives and in this world.

Keep that grace.

Keep that faith.

Keep that love in your heart. 

You will love working with God.

If it feels good in your heart, then you know it's been a "prompt" from Heaven.

If it makes you cry as you set about that task, then you know it's from Heaven, for it touches your heart so.

If you do things without calling attention to yourself, but merely directing people back to the God, then you know it's from Heaven.

With help like that, how can one fail?

Updated 21 January 2022