Sunday, December 30, 2018

6 Things For a Beautiful 2019

A new year will be here soon.

Another wonderful opportunity to think, speak, and do better.

And while we're still at the doorway, we can assess how it's all been for us and see what we can do better this time around.

Every day, as always, is a golden opportunity to create more wonderful and positive things and to be kinder to others.

It's your life.

You must give attention to how you're living it.

Have a desire for God so great that nothing can ever dampen your spirit.

When you love God so much, you will also make sure others become know about Him.

What really matters most anyway in life?

1. That we love God above all.

2. That we know God's will.

3. That we believe in Jesus.

4. That we are guided by the Holy Spirit.

5. That we live by Scripture.

6. That we respect each other's rights.

7. That we love each other.

It's always good to stick to the few basics.

Doesn't make sense to over-think it, really.

But these are what always spring from my soul.

I'm sure you'll have your own "tenets" for living.

After all, it's your life and you ought to live it your way, the best way you alone know how.

I created this blog primarily for myself, to document my own life and thinking at each moment, and to help me remember stuff I may have forgotten.

If people care for my thoughts, I'd be so honored that you'll want to look into my 60 blog posts so far. That will give me the added boost to keep writing and remembering.

I've also got other blogs and loads of projects I wish to accomplish. By the Grace of God, I'll have the continuing creativity to do all that.

It's really good to say goodbye to the past and to greet 2019 with a new heart, a new resolve, a new form of creativity, and a more open mind.

May all of you achieve and enjoy all your heart's desire for yourself and your families.

Here's wishing all of you a magnificent 2019!

Updated 21 January 2022

Saturday, December 15, 2018

God's Own Magical Song

When you search for God in your heart wanting to know Him in your own way, He really answers. And this I found in a way that's just right for me, for He knows my heart.

This time around, I experienced Him through music many years ago.

I was asleep one morning when, all of a sudden, I was "awakened" by music coming from my Mom's room. It was a beautiful, old song which I remembered so well and yet the lyrics "touched" me differently this time.

It was God's Song!

How was it possible that I had slept through the dozens of songs from this musician's concert my Mom was listening to and yet, that very last song "woke" me up at the most significant moment?

The words spoke to my heart. I had no doubt it was His Song for me and for all of us. So sweet, simple, and warm. 

Just like I experienced Him as warm, sea foam from a dream, I again experienced Him from His Own Brand of Music. He knew I was going to acknowledge His Message from the simple but precise lyrics.

When you have a child-like heart 
you just know when it's from God.


Because you listen with your heart and not your mind.

The mind will block things with its logic, but the heart -- your very open heart -- will welcome messages just as it comes.

There will be no doubt, only gratitude and appreciation.

And a deep, magical feeling in your soul which you will carry throughout your life.

I Thank God for giving me this opportunity to share it with you.

Won't you like to know what Song God has for you? His very own "Thumbprint" in your soul?

Then remain open, for He will come at a time you least expect it, and in a manner that will tickle your soul. And at that wonderful, magical, precise moment, you'd know it's His Own song -- just for you.

Updated 21 January 2022

Monday, December 10, 2018

The Man Who Liked Small, Enclosed Spaces

I don't feel so weird anymore.

For whatever strange reason, I found myself drawn to the late Isaac Asimov, a hugely prolific writer and thinker who liked working in small, enclosed spaces -- something I can relate to.

I was stunned at the many similarities we shared in manner and style, even as I'm a far cry from his scientific and writing career.

We both shuddered at the idea of dissecting alley cats, that's why I didn't pursue Medicine, even as I toyed around with that idea after Architecture. For his part, he was a Zoology major but later shifted to Chemistry, in deference to the poor cats.

The sight of blood and having to "study" frogs and cats took that idea right out of my head.

I often seem to "stumble" upon discoveries as I research and it's remarkable and a bit odd that in that Wikipedia material on him it also mentioned that his mother put his birthday at 7 September 1919.

Strangely, we share the same birthday, even as he was way ahead of me.

We discover later that his mother did that only so he'd go to school a year earlier.

This Russian genius' birthday would have been between 4 October 1919 and 2 January 1920. He passed on in 1992.

He wrote and edited over 500 books and 90,000 letters and postcards.

Apparently, we both like the paranormal as he was also founding member of a paranormal society. For my part, I do independent research and merely follow my instincts.

I write like crazy, but he's even crazier.

I'm no match for this outspoken genius.

You may want to click on this article which is of great importance:

Weird and lovely things happen when you're in sync.

Updated 21 January 2022

Friday, December 7, 2018

The Secret to True Communications

It has been and will forever be.

The secret to true communications is "listening".

Take that further and we can say the priceless secret to true communications is "listening with the heart".

Listen with your whole being.

You can tell if people are just tolerating you when they sort of listen but they're not really interested in what you're sharing. They're more intent on speaking or don't really get what you're all about. And possibly, it doesn't matter much to them.

And oftentimes, those who really have a lot to say don't get listened to, only because they're basically quiet, non-invasive, highly-sensitive, and shy.

That's why a lot of people end up in the nut house. These are the forgotten people. They never get to share their wisdom -- drowned in all the world's cacophony.

People don't listen to them, make fun of them, think they're weird, think they're crazy, think they're of no value, just have them along for the ride, and even ridicule them.

But there's a very strong possibility these "forgotten people" may make more sense than we seemingly-normal people do.

Of course, they can't tell us anything anymore because they've gone off the far edge from our neglect and ridicule. This profound and touching movie I saw a few days ago will show you a very good example.

I honestly believe EVERYONE's an interesting person for we are all children of God. And if I had the time and space in the world, I'd listen to ALL of you. Maybe I can still do that. I'd listen to your stories, to what made you who you are, to everything you had to go through, your joys and your pain. I'd listen to your dreams. I'd make it easy for you. Because no one made it easy for me, but I can do it for you. I have it in my heart to do so. That's my dream and my reality. It's my mission. By the Grace of God, I will be able to pull it off.

It takes great heart and sensitivity to be able to "detect" what people truly need. It takes all the listening with our hearts that we can muster. If we can do that, we'd all learn a lot from each other and all our lives will be transformed beautifully.

Interestingly, there's that word "detect" in "detective". Like a good sleuth, you have to find out what people really need or want by listening to them. Oftentimes, the key is in what they're not saying. Coax them to verbalize it.

That's how we can communicate better. Let's listen with our whole being to who people are, what they are, what they have to say. 

I've even trained myself to listen to those who cannot speak. I live and breathe it every single day. They test our love, care, attention, and compassion.

The eyes speak much. So do the hands, the face, the voice, the smile, the inflection, the tone, the person's whole countenance, the things they do, and the things they don't do.

Everything actually speaks for you before you even open your mouth.

The only question, has been, have we been listening?

Do we know the message behind the words, the laughter, the tears, the joys, the sorrows, and all that sharing?

Do we listen with our heart?

Do we listen with our whole being?

Do we listen with the God in us?

You will love all the things you will learn just by listening that way.

And your life will be forever changed because you made time and realized what  mattered most. You will be grateful for everything.

Make time to listen to others now and really listen with your whole heart now.

You don't need a stethoscope.

Updated 21 January 2022

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

The Soul of an Enlightened Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs live in the idea zone.

But Spirit-filled entrepreneurs, the caring ones, live in the vision zone.

They envision something that would help themselves and everyone on the most precise level.

They will shun many projects, offers, and ideas if these don't truly help people, even at the risk of having to personally live super minimally till they get a project they believe in, going.

They will not work with people who merely wish to aggrandize themselves.

That's not the whole objective of their work, you see. Thus, many people think enlightened entrepreneurs are deluded beings with no sense of reality, but of course, how very off-base they are.

Such entrepreneurs will not create products and services that will make people addicted to it. That's what makes them an endangered species in this world of ours.

Enlightened entrepreneurs are not interested in making a fast buck for that's pretty easy and yet can be soul-less.

Sure, they may sell everything they own in pursuing their vision.

As they say, they will sell everything except themselves, their families, their friends, and their community.

That's tantamount to saying, they will not sell people so they can reach their objectives.

That's why it takes a clear vision, a magnanimous heart, and precise planning to get work done.

He will work with what he has, who he is, what God fires him up to do so -- and will only create stuff with real value.

There will be no empty promises for that will not fill his heart and help others.

It's the hardest thing to do, of course, for the world style goes totally against his own style of working.

But that's what real entrepreneurs are for -- to think independently of others.

That's his personal DNA.

He's cut out for the toughest job of finding or creating that which will be of real value to people. His search will be relentless.

He values your hard-earned money, for he, too, works hard to earn that dollar, even as you think he's a careless nut.

The enlightened entrepreneur can't really sell you useless stuff. That won't reflect all that praying, meditating, visualizing, thinking, sweat, and the God in his heart that powers him so.

Not to mention his boatloads of "experiments" to get things done as he carves a path for himself. Every experiment leads him closer to his ultimate dream or project.

He follows every conceivable thread God puts upon his path. He may work solo but it's not really so.

The enlightened entrepreneur is patient, persevering, tenacious, creative, kind, energetic, dynamic, imaginative, awake, and aware.

The man's got "soul".

Entrepreneurs usually work for themselves because they work and think fast, plus, they don't have the time to listen to a bored...I mean highly-paid board of directors. 

The best minds in art, business, science, and technology know all about ideas that come from God, so they must pay attention. 

Thomas Alva Edison was reputed to have a ball in each hand as he sat on a chair and napped (for he napped often) and if he came awake, the two balls would fall on metal pie plates positioned right below those creative hands. I haven't really heard if they accidentally fell on his foot. Now, that would really jolt the dude awake.

The idea being he'd remember what that dream or idea was.

We're now full of light bulbs because of him. He turned on the physical light for us and that made us work longer than we're already working but entrepreneurs don't mind. We have a built-in Energizer battery -- we just keep going.

Expect real entrepreneurs to be quirky, crazy, lost in their own wonderful, dynamic world of creativity and magnificent imagination. A lot of them see what we don't see, that's why we call them crazy. Still, they remain at it, oblivious to all naysayers and criticisms.

That's really how they test the strength and validity of their own vision anyway -- if their faith holds despite the clamor they do something more "normal".


Normal is boring for true entrepreneurs. It goes totally against the core of their being. They don't mind your calling them all the delightful words in your cuss vocabulary. They have a mission to do and that day is now.

Sometimes, they forget to live in the real world where people have to sleep, eat, and be nice.

They're usually off in their art and science world, communicating with God (if they're the genuinely caring and prayerful ones), or talking to themselves as they work out all the variables of an idea.

Not all are like that, of course, but they do get off course from the human mainstream.

They're like frogs you will not be able to pin on a board and dissect for they don't like being pinned to a board and getting dissected. They love their freedom to think and be.

Entrepreneurs are a crazy, imaginative, hardworking lot who can create non-stop.

The only difference with the usual entrepreneur and an enlightened one is that the latter ALWAYS creates with heart and awareness. He's got so much faith in God that he will NEVER ever knowingly create products and services that will make people addicted to those. All for what? Repeat sales and ROI? 

Nah, he's not that unimaginative.

The dude's got heart.

With God in it.

All the time.

21 January 2022