Sunday, November 25, 2018

The Main Lesson Ever

Love love love love love love love love love.

Ws there anything more important than love love love love love?


So, if you have an imperfect life, tons of hardship, boatloads of enemies, scores of people and circumstances making life difficult for you, well, now you know.

Love love love love love.

When you can go home to Christ not having snuffed a life or drowned anyone, then you're okay.

When you are faster to forgive and forget than to carry a vendetta all the days of your life, then you may just make it at the gates of heaven.

How can you not love a person who has the Christ potential, too?

I mean, we are all Sparks of God, not one more than the other.

Sure, we're not all Christ-like but we can all become that if we really wanted to.

Why else did the Son of God come down to earth and show us The Way?

Except we kept going the other way.

We really need to remember we already have a built-in GPS.

Christ is the perfect model for all of us.

And you know what?

He taught an important lesson.

Love love love love love love.

Of course, the simplest lesson can be the hardest.

To help all of us a bit, let's all recite the mantra of:

Love love love love love

That's always a good start.

Updated 21 January 2022

God as Warm Sea Foam

It must have been my desire to know God so much that one day I finally did.

Never mind that He showed up as sea-green beach foam that felt warm against my feet.

The soothing foam reached up to my ankles and gently swirled around me.

And since this was a dream right before waking up, I was able to relish the feeling before opening my eyes one, early morning many years ago.

So, that's how God felt!

Warm, comforting, soothing, sweet, and gentle.

If that's all I knew about Him, the feelings were enough.

I'm pretty sure He liked playing with His equally-playful daughter, the one who will always be childlike.

Is that why Christ likes the children to come to Him, too?

Would a childlike heart 
have a better understanding 
of all things divine?

I guess the point really is that you must allow God to just show up as He chooses to with you.

You must release yourself from all that previous programming made upon your being.

You must be ready to laugh and giggle for God may just show up in the funniest and coolest ways, and only in a way you understand.

And once that happens, you will forever be changed.

Knowing God is a purely personal experience. We all have our own distinct ways of knowing Him. 

I always pray to Him as a daughter would, happily, trustingly, and expectantly.

Just like a little child.

Updated 26 March 2022

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Soul of an Archaeologist of the Soul

You would not dig up long and hard if it was not fun.

What more the many treasures of the soul?

That takes a lot of digging, creativity, patience, and perseverance.

And if you're not having fun, why would you be doing it?

The soul is rich, varied, multi-hued, and magnificent.

All the travails, even the tears, are all worth it for when you do re-surface with your finds.

The soul's treasures will last forever.

What are the soul's treasures anyway?

It would be stuff like knowing what you're soul is made of, why you're here on earth, why you are the way you are, the work you're meant to do, the talents you have, the people and things that make you happy -- everything that give you a reason for living.

Would all that be worth digging up and finding out?

As with any archaeological dig, you will be mired in dirt and perspiration, and oftentimes frustration, for when you think you're close to that "gold" you'll find it was just fool's gold after all.

But if you're the type who sees beauty in fool's gold, that will merely make your journey fun and exciting.

Yes, there will be false leads, false prophets, but all you've got to do when temporarily lost is not to take out your electronic GPS.

All you've got to do is pray to GOD for discernment.

Pray that you be led to the "real" thing, the "true" thing, for when it's a question of the soul, believe me, many people and entities want that of you.

All we have now is really a "Battle for the Soul".

Actually, it's always been that.

There was never any battle worth fighting but that.

If you value the treasures of your soul, you will guard it better than Fort Knox.

You will guard your soul with your life.

So, keep digging, but do dig with a colorful spade and pail.

Makes the journey less tiring and loads of fun.

Of course, one man's treasure may be another's junk, so pay attention to your own dig.

Keep everything under wraps until you're brave enough, like my crazy self here, to blurt everything out on a blog.

Don't be so quick to share -- just yet -- for many people will shoot down your thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

It would be fitting to say, "Mine your own business".

Updated 22 January 2022

Excavator of the Soul

Ever wondered what your soul is made of?

This blog will help you figure it out.

I'm a modern-day archaeologist of the soul, an excavator, a soul-digger.

Of course, as I create this new blog of mine, I nearly keep typing "soil" instead of "soul".

Perhaps it's the same banana.

This blog will have many wonderful treasures for you -- encouraging you to discover more about the beauty of your own soul.

An open and happy heart will enjoy such treasures.

You will know why you do what you do, why others are the way they are, who God is, and everything that matters in this world.

Plain and simple, this happy blog will rock your bedrock of beliefs.

You will discover how strong your soul is.

You may even discover what you're cut out for.

Are you brave enough to take this voyage with me?

Bring your spade, some strong light, and loads of patience, for we shall dig up plenty.

Expect to go really deep into your heart, into the bone, and marrow of your being.

It did take me nearly forever to tell you these things, for I was intent on my own soul excavation, too, you see.

And now that I've come up for air, boy, you will love what I've found.

One caveat though.

This blog is only for those who can laugh at themselves and their own quirks, for you will need a HUGE dose of mirth and humility. 

Hop right in and prepare for a wonderful adventure.

It takes courage to know self.

Are you prepared to know God and self, this time around? 

That's what you'll find here.

Here's what I found:

Updated 17 February 2023