Friday, October 9, 2020

OFFSPRING of 2 Blogs


Is it possible for two blogs to give birth to another blog?

Oh yes, for sure!

That's what happened to me, and my work.

"Archaeologist of the Soul" was the mother.

"Prophecy Lessons" was the father.

Together, they gave birth to a child, "The Simplicity of SCRIPTURE", or SOS.

Only through the Holy Spirit of God could that have happened.

Now, the learning was consolidated, simplified, and strengthened.

The Holy Spirit knew I was ready to go to the "meat" of Scripture.

Everything just fell into place, and I merely followed the Holy Spirit's "prompts" -- all a result of constant prayer, and listening. 

The Holy Spirit of God allowed me to "thresh" out Scripture -- word by word, phrase by phrase.

In doing so, I felt the real power of God's WORD, and began to understand it better.

Why is it so important to focus on each word, or each phrase?

More than at any other time in our lives, we are to focus on God's WORD, for the world has gone really strange.

Never again will you feel lost, or confused, for God's Word is right there, waiting for you.

For all your questions, find clarity and comfort in Scripture.

Let the Holy Spirit of God guide you, and explain things to you.

Let the promises of Jesus give you the peace, love, and joy you need.

If you want to go to the core of Scripture, SOS will show you. 

You will find that, as you immerse yourself in Scripture, you can never have enough of it.

The Bible has too many beautiful things for you to know!

Each book is a wealth of material on God's history, His love, His promises, His power, His plans, and messages through His Son, JESUS, through the prophets, and apostles.

It makes sense to give your heart to the LORD now.

Only then can you really understand the true message of the Bible.

Only then will you want to be God's own, and not the world's own.

May the Holy Spirit of God shine His LIGHT upon the dark places of our souls, so we may hunger for the WORDS of Jesus, and be completely God's own.

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