Wednesday, September 11, 2019

How Endings Become Beginnings

Please don't be sad if I tell you this is my last post here, for you can still find me on another blog.

After finding essential knowledge so very vital for my spirit, I have since decided I'd like to focus more on studying Bible Prophecy quietly on my own so I created a new blog -- "Prophecy Lessons".

I'm on my fifth day of being so excited and intrigued about this difficult and challenging task, nevertheless I couldn't wait for morning to come today as I knew I was going to create that new blog where I shall pour all my heart into from now on.

I've let go of 98% of my dozens of blogs for their time is past.

I am now completely focused on the Word of God, on Christ's urgent messages for us that we usually don't pay attention to.

Well, I have my good friend who is ever-reliable in supplying me Scripture passages, plus I've come across a prophecy teacher in the person of Dr. David R. Reagan who I found online.

And having aligned my energies with Dr. Reagan, I discovered many other teachers he has also aligned with -- such magnificent discoveries of God's Word for me!

You see, we're all here to help and support each other.

I've waited so long to find something to focus on and pour out all my heart energies to and God heard my prayers.

Probably more accurately, He knew I was ready for His Son.

There is no doubt, the Holy Spirit led me to Dr. Reagan's videos (see 10 other earlier posts) as for sometime now I had been clearing my heart and emptying my mind for only Christ.

He waited so long but it's always never too late.

The Holy Spirit makes sure of that, especially if your heart is true and your desire is real.

You know that feeling when something really powerful burns in your heart?

Something that is so sweet and divine and yet urgent?

Well, Christ and His Bible Prophecy is that for me.

I don't know about you but I honestly feel it's time for all people to focus on Jesus now, more than ever.

I did say I've had many dreams and visions of of God, Jesus, and things that have happened or are probably happening.

Now, I'm on the most important part of my soul's path by finally connecting these dreams and visions with Scriptures -- the Word of God.

That was the vital thing missing in my work.

I had not quoted from Scripture, only because I did not know whom to trust and what to study.

Finally, I know -- it's Bible Prophecy -- and I intend to share all I know with you through my new blog.

So please say farewell this this old blog and welcome the Christ-inspired "Prophecy Lessons" instead.

A life without Christ is nothing.

A life knowing His Prophecies are everything.

Thank you for being here and making time to read my posts.

Your kindness and presence gave meaning to all my writing and efforts.

Prepare to take your learning to the next level, too, as I create that other blog.

Monday, September 9, 2019

The Lamb Makes a Choice

Just three days ago, I made a choice to study Dr. David R. Reagan's videos on Biblical Prophecy.

Why Biblical Prophecy?

My soul felt it was time.

I felt I was ripe to know more about Jesus and His Teachings.

And I was especially drawn to Bible Prophecy after viewing two videos I was led to.

After finishing those two videos, it was as if something "clicked" inside me, opening the door.

Dr. Reagan's videos were the key, for I had not looked back since.

How something so incongruous (for I had never "touched" Bible prophecy nor really listened to any such ministering) could have opened the doors to vital knowledge I will never know.

But, of course, God knows.

He knew I was ready.

He knew I had searched too long.

But He also knew I was patient and persistent.

He knew I aimed to do right in my life.

And surely, He knew the desires of my heart -- to know Him and His Son in full. 

In one of his many videos, Dr. Reagan said he has been studying the Word of God for 45 years now.

I am in stark contrast to that for I know a few passages here and there from what they taught us in Catholic school, but have not really embraced nor fully absorbed the many beautiful teachings of the Bible which is God's Word.

I attribute that largely to confusion.

-- Who shall I listen to?

-- Who is the best guide for the Word of God?

-- Who can explain things to me without any vested interest in their own ministries, whatever religion it may be?

-- Who was clear and consistent?

-- Who can I trust?

-- Where do I start?

-- Which Bible version to read? 

-- Even if I were to read the Bible, who can guide me in the precise way I wanted to be guided?

All these questions moved in my heart. 

I had no idea where to begin and how to get there.

I was like a lamb among wolves, not knowing whom to trust in full.

For I took God's Word seriously.

I am that kind of a student.

All or nothing.

Once I know something is good and worthwhile, I tend to share it.

I was fortunate a good friend would coach me on Bible passages every time I needed to know a particular Scripture passage for my work as a writer and researcher.

Now, I've jumped on God's Train totally and enjoying the ride in full!

Now, Dr. Reagan and my friend are my best allies in learning more about Jesus, who has "shown" Himself in my dreams several times.

I also had a dream about God at one point in my life and know the exact feeling of His LOVE and PRESENCE -- so very comforting to my soul!

More importantly, I am getting to know Scripture and thus, will only counter-check my own thoughts and experiences with that.

Being a three-day-old lamb, I feel I am in good hands through Dr. Reagan's Bible Prophecy videos and my friend's kind counseling.

This is the path I'm taking and I'm so very happy and excited as never before in my life.

My thirst for God is being quenched.

My thirst for Jesus is being supplied.

And one day, I shall be worth their while.

Updated 27 February 2022

On "The Reality of Hell"

I must be a strange person indeed, for I particularly love this post showing the realities of hell, as backed by Scriptures and beautifully-presented by Dr. David R. Reagan in his own clear way.

If you love Christ as I do, you will welcome all information that will lead you ever closer to Him.

There will be no fear in your heart, yes, maybe shame and repentance, but not fear.

Being corrected early on gives us a chance to re-arrange our lives, thoughts, words, and deeds in perfect consonance with God's Scriptures.

Please don't be afraid of this particular video, if anything you must welcome the information for only then can you see where we all err in life and work.

We will also learn about the Promise of God to His faithful.

I especially love what Dr. Reagan said (on the 21st minute of the video) about the importance of people being:

1. Confronted with their sins.

2. Pointed to Jesus as their Only Hope.

3. Warned emphatically about the danger of hell.

If you really aspire to be perfect in God's Eyes, you will do everything you can right here, right now, to listen to His Word for time is of the essence.

Thank God there is a Dr. Reagan who clarified many confusing things for me, even as there's so much more to learn about each day.

Still, each day I listen and know more about God's Word and clear instructions is a good sign for my soul's salvation.

Consider this video a gift towards greater understanding on Jesus and thus must be welcomed with gratitude for its precision and timeliness.

Updated 21 January 2022

On "The Eastern Gate in Prophecy"

I have been having the time of my life the past couple of days learning more about Christ's Prophecies.

And I've chosen Dr. David R. Reagan to teach me through his videos as he is a brilliant and effective teacher.

I will tell you why on the next few posts.

I think after you've seen this seventh post on Dr. Reagan's vital videos, you will understand what I mean.

This time, I was delighted to know how the "Eastern Gate" of the old city of Jerusalem figures in Biblical Prophecy and why it's important for those who care to know.

Do you care to know more about history and prophecy?

If so, you will also love this finding by Dr. Reagan as he takes us on a tour of the gate that matters.

I have this feeling not to many people know the importance of this gate.

Well, it's time we knew and we listened.

On Walking Through the Old City of Jerusalem

I found an apt guide in discovering Jerusalem as an aid in my continuing education of the life of Jesus and His Ministry.

After being shown the previous post's "The Mountains of Jerusalem", I found another beautiful video shown above wherein the patient and devoted Dr. David R. Reagan takes us on a walk through the old city of Jerusalem.

You see, even if you cannot travel to those places, the important thing is what is in your heart.

If your desire is like mine -- to know Christ in full -- then, Dr. Reagan is a wonderful guide and teacher as he consistently connects his findings with Biblical Scripture.

I think Dr. Reagan mastered Scriptures first before he took those trips, otherwise he couldn't have quoted the appropriate passages that pertained to his many trips to Jerusalem.

More and more each day, I am learning from Dr. Reagan and enjoying the many lessons I'm learning about Jesus.

Ever since I discovered Dr. Reagan's "method" two days ago, I have been a changed person.

Please join me as we continue to learn more about Christ, for in doing so our lives will amount to so much more.

The Holy Spirit always does that -- giving the lessons and giving your life more depth and meaning.

Updated 21 January 2022

Sunday, September 8, 2019

The Mountains of Jerusalem

According to Dr. David R. Reagan, there are four mountains of Jerusalem that have "historical and prophetic significance".

Dr. Reagan has great love for Jesus and Jerusalem so he personally traveled there and created many videos showing us how Christ lived and worked in those crucial three-and-a-half years of that sacred life.

I know you will enjoy learning more about Christ as Dr. Reagan is a most apt guide and teacher of Christ and Scriptures.

He teaches us in a way we can all understand and connect events, places, and Scriptures with Christ's Prophecies.

As a bonus, we don't even have to travel as all is given here so let's join Dr. Reagan now and learn more about Christ each day!

"The Mount of Olives"

"The Temple Mount"

"Mount Zion"

"Mount Herzl"

Updated 21 January 2022

My Continuing Education on Jesus

Most recently, Christ's spirit became even more powerful in my life after viewing these particular videos from a previous post.

It's like Jesus knew I was really ready to receive Him through Biblical Prophecy.

After all, who would fulfill such prophecies except this Son of God, the only True Savior?

Praying to God each time I do research -- that I be led to that which is only of Him -- I was now led at this stage of my life to the brilliant Dr. David R. Reagan's videos of the life of Christ.

What was the objective?

To truly know Christ in my heart, in the simplest and clearest terms possible, so I can share my discoveries here for all who care to know and to listen.

"The Nazareth of Jesus"

"Miracles of Jesus in the Galilee"

"The Transfiguration"

Updated 21 January 2022

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Israel: God's Nation

Why is Israel so important to God?

Why are so many people and nations hard on Israel?

Dr. David R. Reagan has studied and taught the Bible since 1976.

He also loves the Jewish people and what they represent as can be learned from his website.

You will love the video and two sample chapters from his book.

I had a few Jewish friends and I found them very intelligent, talented, hard-working, and focused.

One friend even let me listen to traditional Jewish music by a male vocalist and I must say it hit a chord in my heart, sending many beautiful reverberations to my soul. The music felt ancient and very haunting to me.

I was also intrigued learning about Albert Einstein being first offered the presidency of Israel which was finally created on 14 May 1948.

Strangely, I also was drawn to the "Star of David" many years ago.

Read more about Israel here.

And so continues my education about God, Jesus, Israel, Jews, and Biblical Prophecy.

I feel I've finally come home with this new knowledge.

And I thank God and His chosen messenger and teacher for me, Dr. David R. Reagan.

Our soul always leads us to that which resonates well with our hearts.

May you enjoy my new discoveries, too!

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Updated 21 January 2022

Biblical PROPHECY You Will Want To LISTEN To

Revelation 19:10
King James Version
10 And I fell at his feet to worship him. 
And he said unto me, 
See thou do it not: 
I am thy fellowservant, 
and of thy brethren 
that have the testimony of Jesus: 
worship God: 
for the testimony of Jesus 
is the spirit of prophecy.

I knew nothing about Bible prophecy, much less about Dr. David R. Reagan.

I was searching for God's TRUTH alone.

And what would God's Truth be without Scripture?

Yesterday, GOD led me to all THREE: 
Bible prophecy, Dr. Reagan, and Scripture.

Immediately, the LORD led me to the following videos on rebellious America.

Liked or reviled, we must admit many countries follow America's political, economic, cultural, and religious trends.

And that's why Dr. Reagan spoke powerfully of how this country has set aside God and how this will affect this country.

As Dr. Reagan says, he doesn't know the "time" when CHRIST will come.

But he knows the "season" when He will.

Here's another wonderful video where Dr. Reagan shares his "50 Reasons We Are All In the End Times":

Soon as I studied the videos, GOD made me born again.

After that, He put His SPIRIT in me.

The result?

We haven't stopped writing since.

We warn people to get right with GOD now, through His Son, JESUS.

Every day we're alive is PURE GRACE.

Without which, we'd all have perished.

But test GOD's patience no longer.

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Dr. Reagan photo: Lamb & Lion Ministries

Updated 26 November 2022

The Waiting Was All Worth It

Finally, after many weeks of many false starts, God showed up last night in a way He knew my soul was prepared for.

It started strangely yesterday morning.

I went to town to do a bit of work, intent on polishing a blog but things didn't turn out that way.

There were three young fellows who were quieter than the usual war games crowd

Still, I can't seem to find a "handle" on my work yesterday.

Something didn't "click".

I brought a bunch of books as references but somehow those books never got opened.

After an hour of unfulfilling work, I decided to call it a day.

I knew that God "planted" those young people close by my side so what I thought I'd do for a blog wouldn't materialize.

But today was different.

As if in unison, this time, there were three young ladies beside me (three again), which was highly unusual.

That never happened before where I worked.

I knew I'd find the peace and focus today for what I wanted to say on this blog post.

For I discovered something essential last night as I listened to some videos, my soul searching for that "elusive" thing.

After so much waiting, 
and wondering, 
God finally gifted me with two videos 
that made my heart happy.

Please head to the next post to see what I found about Biblical Prophecy.

Finally, all those dreams and images of mine made sense.

Christ's time has come.

Updated 27 February 2022