Saturday, December 15, 2018

God's Own Magical Song

When you search for God in your heart wanting to know Him in your own way, He really answers. And this I found in a way that's just right for me, for He knows my heart.

This time around, I experienced Him through music many years ago.

I was asleep one morning when, all of a sudden, I was "awakened" by music coming from my Mom's room. It was a beautiful, old song which I remembered so well and yet the lyrics "touched" me differently this time.

It was God's Song!

How was it possible that I had slept through the dozens of songs from this musician's concert my Mom was listening to and yet, that very last song "woke" me up at the most significant moment?

The words spoke to my heart. I had no doubt it was His Song for me and for all of us. So sweet, simple, and warm. 

Just like I experienced Him as warm, sea foam from a dream, I again experienced Him from His Own Brand of Music. He knew I was going to acknowledge His Message from the simple but precise lyrics.

When you have a child-like heart 
you just know when it's from God.


Because you listen with your heart and not your mind.

The mind will block things with its logic, but the heart -- your very open heart -- will welcome messages just as it comes.

There will be no doubt, only gratitude and appreciation.

And a deep, magical feeling in your soul which you will carry throughout your life.

I Thank God for giving me this opportunity to share it with you.

Won't you like to know what Song God has for you? His very own "Thumbprint" in your soul?

Then remain open, for He will come at a time you least expect it, and in a manner that will tickle your soul. And at that wonderful, magical, precise moment, you'd know it's His Own song -- just for you.

Updated 21 January 2022