Monday, September 9, 2019

On "The Eastern Gate in Prophecy"

I have been having the time of my life the past couple of days learning more about Christ's Prophecies.

And I've chosen Dr. David R. Reagan to teach me through his videos as he is a brilliant and effective teacher.

I will tell you why on the next few posts.

I think after you've seen this seventh post on Dr. Reagan's vital videos, you will understand what I mean.

This time, I was delighted to know how the "Eastern Gate" of the old city of Jerusalem figures in Biblical Prophecy and why it's important for those who care to know.

Do you care to know more about history and prophecy?

If so, you will also love this finding by Dr. Reagan as he takes us on a tour of the gate that matters.

I have this feeling not to many people know the importance of this gate.

Well, it's time we knew and we listened.