Friday, April 26, 2019

Contentment is a Beautiful Thing

When I think of peace, I think of the ocean.

Of quietude and nothingness.

Of not having to be anything or something, but just to be.

To relax and rest your mind.

To have your moment's peace and serenity.

Even as contentment can be anywhere you are, with who you are.

Of not having to compete in any way whatsoever.

Of patiently waiting in line as others do for you know you will have your turn, too.

Of knowing you have done your best and sometimes you just need to let things evolve on their own.

You become content when you have no competitive bone in your body.

It's also when you appreciate everything around you.

Especially when you know God has always been good to you, and that if there was unkindness among humans, it's always because we forget to be kind, sweet, and loving.

Many things we can be content about:

1. That we each were born into a family.
2. That we are able to wake up each day.
3. That we have food on the table.
4. That we have a place to sleep.
5. That we have clothes and shoes to wear.
6. That we have work, no matter how humble it may be.
7. That we are loved by God.
8. That God doesn't judge us.
9. That we have each other, no matter how few friends we have.
10. That we each have great potential.
11. That's there's nothing to prove to anyone.
12. That we are complete as we are.

Of course, that's but a few of the many blessings we have each day and each lifetime.

The days you feel unhappy, restless, or discontented, stop a moment and rest.

You need to care for yourself at that moment.

Perhaps, you're not feeling loved or appreciated.

Be kind to self always.

Don't let others pressure you into being who you are not.

God knew what He was doing when He created you.

You were created in the image and likeness of God.

That's a good ground for serenity. 

Aspire never to compete.

It's much more fun to work harmoniously alongside others.

If you can't, then work well with yourself.

Some are cut out that way. 

Discontent comes from comparing yourself with others.

I've already known a long time ago that there will always be better-looking, luckier, and more intelligent people than me.

I've come to terms with all that.

When you accept, you begin to relax.

You begin to appreciate yourself more.

All that really matters in the end is if you are living up to God's Truth alone.

And this blog intends to explore that.

21 January 2022