Sunday, May 12, 2019

How To Make Wise Decisions

Do you have an easy time making decisions?

Or is life fraught with difficulty over making such decisions?

May we simplify it a bit for you?

Such as after reading an important chapter from a book I was studying, and giving myself a moment to let the new ideas sink in before going back to sleep, a "thought" came to write something about decisions.

The "thought" said there were only two (2) decisions to make anyway, so I let the idea simmer beautifully in my being for a moment, even as part of me wanted to go back to sleep.

It was but 3:30 in the morning and I especially savored the longer sleep on Sundays.

But no, when an idea takes hold, when an important "thought" is born, there can be no going back to bed for a writer like myself.

The "thought" said that if we wish to make decisions, there are really only two important things to consider:

1. Does it bring you towards God?
2. Does it take you away from God?

Decisions that bring us towards God mean our decisions feel good to us and truly benefit all concerned.

There is no ego, no greed, no manipulation, no schemes, no worldly stuff, nothing complicated, only things of the Spirit -- only God and Love.

That which takes us away from God when we make decisions keeps us awake at night for our soul says something's not quite right.

Good decisions have God in it.

There's always love, peace, joy, gentleness, and kindness.

With every decision you need to make, always make GOD your guide.

When He created us, He gave us the capacity to love and even gave us free will.

He gave us our intelligence, our talents, our bodies, and our hearts.

How we make use of those depends on our own soul's growth and not on our personalities.

There is always the free will to change for the better.

We always have the option to love or not to love.

If we chose the path to God, then it's automatic we become kinder, more loving, and compassionate.

Choosing the path away from him destroys our self for we do not choose His Light and Guidance.

Every decision is always a decision to reach up to God or to turn your back on Him.

But how can one turn your back on the One Who Created you?

Unless you don't remember or acknowledge that He created you.

Well, perhaps it's time to remember that we won't be on earth if He had not created us.

It's really that simple.

I chose to get up and follow that "thought" to write this post for it was important.

Even as I'm far from perfect, God gives me that opportunity each day I breathe and wake up to get closer to Him.

Every thought, every word, every deed is an opportunity to make a stand about my own path -- towards God or away from him.

As always, I choose HIM.

He was that "Thought".

He inspired me to write this and I'm most grateful.

Making decisions can really be easy.

God has simplified it.

We merely cloak it with worldly stuff and we lose our way.

Come back on the path, sail back to Him.

The world will not nourish nor sustain your soul.

Only God will.

Updated 21 January 2022