Saturday, November 24, 2018

Excavator of the Soul

Ever wondered what your soul is made of?

This blog will help you figure it out.

I'm a modern-day archaeologist of the soul, an excavator, a soul-digger.

Of course, as I create this new blog of mine, I nearly keep typing "soil" instead of "soul".

Perhaps it's the same banana.

This blog will have many wonderful treasures for you -- encouraging you to discover more about the beauty of your own soul.

An open and happy heart will enjoy such treasures.

You will know why you do what you do, why others are the way they are, who God is, and everything that matters in this world.

Plain and simple, this happy blog will rock your bedrock of beliefs.

You will discover how strong your soul is.

You may even discover what you're cut out for.

Are you brave enough to take this voyage with me?

Bring your spade, some strong light, and loads of patience, for we shall dig up plenty.

Expect to go really deep into your heart, into the bone, and marrow of your being.

It did take me nearly forever to tell you these things, for I was intent on my own soul excavation, too, you see.

And now that I've come up for air, boy, you will love what I've found.

One caveat though.

This blog is only for those who can laugh at themselves and their own quirks, for you will need a HUGE dose of mirth and humility. 

Hop right in and prepare for a wonderful adventure.

It takes courage to know self.

Are you prepared to know God and self, this time around? 

That's what you'll find here.

Here's what I found:

Updated 17 February 2023