Monday, September 9, 2019

On "The Reality of Hell"

I must be a strange person indeed, for I particularly love this post showing the realities of hell, as backed by Scriptures and beautifully-presented by Dr. David R. Reagan in his own clear way.

If you love Christ as I do, you will welcome all information that will lead you ever closer to Him.

There will be no fear in your heart, yes, maybe shame and repentance, but not fear.

Being corrected early on gives us a chance to re-arrange our lives, thoughts, words, and deeds in perfect consonance with God's Scriptures.

Please don't be afraid of this particular video, if anything you must welcome the information for only then can you see where we all err in life and work.

We will also learn about the Promise of God to His faithful.

I especially love what Dr. Reagan said (on the 21st minute of the video) about the importance of people being:

1. Confronted with their sins.

2. Pointed to Jesus as their Only Hope.

3. Warned emphatically about the danger of hell.

If you really aspire to be perfect in God's Eyes, you will do everything you can right here, right now, to listen to His Word for time is of the essence.

Thank God there is a Dr. Reagan who clarified many confusing things for me, even as there's so much more to learn about each day.

Still, each day I listen and know more about God's Word and clear instructions is a good sign for my soul's salvation.

Consider this video a gift towards greater understanding on Jesus and thus must be welcomed with gratitude for its precision and timeliness.

Updated 21 January 2022