Saturday, November 24, 2018

Soul of an Archaeologist of the Soul

You would not dig up long and hard if it was not fun.

What more the many treasures of the soul?

That takes a lot of digging, creativity, patience, and perseverance.

And if you're not having fun, why would you be doing it?

The soul is rich, varied, multi-hued, and magnificent.

All the travails, even the tears, are all worth it for when you do re-surface with your finds.

The soul's treasures will last forever.

What are the soul's treasures anyway?

It would be stuff like knowing what you're soul is made of, why you're here on earth, why you are the way you are, the work you're meant to do, the talents you have, the people and things that make you happy -- everything that give you a reason for living.

Would all that be worth digging up and finding out?

As with any archaeological dig, you will be mired in dirt and perspiration, and oftentimes frustration, for when you think you're close to that "gold" you'll find it was just fool's gold after all.

But if you're the type who sees beauty in fool's gold, that will merely make your journey fun and exciting.

Yes, there will be false leads, false prophets, but all you've got to do when temporarily lost is not to take out your electronic GPS.

All you've got to do is pray to GOD for discernment.

Pray that you be led to the "real" thing, the "true" thing, for when it's a question of the soul, believe me, many people and entities want that of you.

All we have now is really a "Battle for the Soul".

Actually, it's always been that.

There was never any battle worth fighting but that.

If you value the treasures of your soul, you will guard it better than Fort Knox.

You will guard your soul with your life.

So, keep digging, but do dig with a colorful spade and pail.

Makes the journey less tiring and loads of fun.

Of course, one man's treasure may be another's junk, so pay attention to your own dig.

Keep everything under wraps until you're brave enough, like my crazy self here, to blurt everything out on a blog.

Don't be so quick to share -- just yet -- for many people will shoot down your thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

It would be fitting to say, "Mine your own business".

Updated 22 January 2022