Sunday, November 25, 2018

God as Warm Sea Foam

It must have been my desire to know God so much that one day I finally did.

Never mind that He showed up as sea-green beach foam that felt warm against my feet.

The soothing foam reached up to my ankles and gently swirled around me.

And since this was a dream right before waking up, I was able to relish the feeling before opening my eyes one, early morning many years ago.

So, that's how God felt!

Warm, comforting, soothing, sweet, and gentle.

If that's all I knew about Him, the feelings were enough.

I'm pretty sure He liked playing with His equally-playful daughter, the one who will always be childlike.

Is that why Christ likes the children to come to Him, too?

Would a childlike heart 
have a better understanding 
of all things divine?

I guess the point really is that you must allow God to just show up as He chooses to with you.

You must release yourself from all that previous programming made upon your being.

You must be ready to laugh and giggle for God may just show up in the funniest and coolest ways, and only in a way you understand.

And once that happens, you will forever be changed.

Knowing God is a purely personal experience. We all have our own distinct ways of knowing Him. 

I always pray to Him as a daughter would, happily, trustingly, and expectantly.

Just like a little child.

Updated 26 March 2022