Saturday, September 7, 2019

The Waiting Was All Worth It

Finally, after many weeks of many false starts, God showed up last night in a way He knew my soul was prepared for.

It started strangely yesterday morning.

I went to town to do a bit of work, intent on polishing a blog but things didn't turn out that way.

There were three young fellows who were quieter than the usual war games crowd

Still, I can't seem to find a "handle" on my work yesterday.

Something didn't "click".

I brought a bunch of books as references but somehow those books never got opened.

After an hour of unfulfilling work, I decided to call it a day.

I knew that God "planted" those young people close by my side so what I thought I'd do for a blog wouldn't materialize.

But today was different.

As if in unison, this time, there were three young ladies beside me (three again), which was highly unusual.

That never happened before where I worked.

I knew I'd find the peace and focus today for what I wanted to say on this blog post.

For I discovered something essential last night as I listened to some videos, my soul searching for that "elusive" thing.

After so much waiting, 
and wondering, 
God finally gifted me with two videos 
that made my heart happy.

Please head to the next post to see what I found about Biblical Prophecy.

Finally, all those dreams and images of mine made sense.

Christ's time has come.

Updated 27 February 2022