Friday, May 17, 2019


A few days ago, the word "transcendence" came to mind.

I don't know why, but it was imprinted on my mind.

Perhaps a desire of my soul.

So I wrote the word down to remind me of that moment.

Then yesterday, soon as I positioned myself at a book shop, my eyes were drawn to a book on God.

It was a book I saw once or twice before but never gave it much attention.

Apparently, this time around, I was ready to learn from it.

It showed many other Facets of God.

Normally, I'd take hours to find such a treasure.

This time around, I found it just like that.

Synchronicities happen often in my life.

When your soul wants or needs something, God will supply that which you need.

He was, after all, everything I'm seeking ALL the time.

So, He gently guided me to the thick but lightweight book and I read it happily all afternoon until early evening.

But such books take time to understand for it is totally unlike any other book I've bought before.

But I have the time and the heart.

God is All There Is, so I happily give the new knowledge my time.

God is the only thing that's worth learning anyway.

All the research I do is of Him.

He leads me to all that research.

He knows my soul seeks Him.

And finally a few days ago, I felt ready for "transcendence".

What is that but a feeling?

It's a very high feeling of not really needing much in this world.

You are beyond power, acquisitions, materialism, and ambition.

It's like, only God matters.

I've "transcended" all stuff of the world and would have none of those.

Only God can make me happy.

Only people who love God can make me happy.

Only businesses and organizations who love God can make me happy.

If those organizations love God, they will care about us, too.

My thinking's really very simple.

Only God matters.

Updated 21 January 2022