Monday, September 9, 2019

The Lamb Makes a Choice

Just three days ago, I made a choice to study Dr. David R. Reagan's videos on Biblical Prophecy.

Why Biblical Prophecy?

My soul felt it was time.

I felt I was ripe to know more about Jesus and His Teachings.

And I was especially drawn to Bible Prophecy after viewing two videos I was led to.

After finishing those two videos, it was as if something "clicked" inside me, opening the door.

Dr. Reagan's videos were the key, for I had not looked back since.

How something so incongruous (for I had never "touched" Bible prophecy nor really listened to any such ministering) could have opened the doors to vital knowledge I will never know.

But, of course, God knows.

He knew I was ready.

He knew I had searched too long.

But He also knew I was patient and persistent.

He knew I aimed to do right in my life.

And surely, He knew the desires of my heart -- to know Him and His Son in full. 

In one of his many videos, Dr. Reagan said he has been studying the Word of God for 45 years now.

I am in stark contrast to that for I know a few passages here and there from what they taught us in Catholic school, but have not really embraced nor fully absorbed the many beautiful teachings of the Bible which is God's Word.

I attribute that largely to confusion.

-- Who shall I listen to?

-- Who is the best guide for the Word of God?

-- Who can explain things to me without any vested interest in their own ministries, whatever religion it may be?

-- Who was clear and consistent?

-- Who can I trust?

-- Where do I start?

-- Which Bible version to read? 

-- Even if I were to read the Bible, who can guide me in the precise way I wanted to be guided?

All these questions moved in my heart. 

I had no idea where to begin and how to get there.

I was like a lamb among wolves, not knowing whom to trust in full.

For I took God's Word seriously.

I am that kind of a student.

All or nothing.

Once I know something is good and worthwhile, I tend to share it.

I was fortunate a good friend would coach me on Bible passages every time I needed to know a particular Scripture passage for my work as a writer and researcher.

Now, I've jumped on God's Train totally and enjoying the ride in full!

Now, Dr. Reagan and my friend are my best allies in learning more about Jesus, who has "shown" Himself in my dreams several times.

I also had a dream about God at one point in my life and know the exact feeling of His LOVE and PRESENCE -- so very comforting to my soul!

More importantly, I am getting to know Scripture and thus, will only counter-check my own thoughts and experiences with that.

Being a three-day-old lamb, I feel I am in good hands through Dr. Reagan's Bible Prophecy videos and my friend's kind counseling.

This is the path I'm taking and I'm so very happy and excited as never before in my life.

My thirst for God is being quenched.

My thirst for Jesus is being supplied.

And one day, I shall be worth their while.

Updated 27 February 2022