Sunday, May 26, 2019

Your Experience of God is Uniquely Your Own

If you search for God with all your heart, you will surely encounter Him in a way only you can identify.

Everyone will experience Him differently.

We're all many billion facets of His Being, and that's how it will be for each one of us.

And so I wonder why people say theirs is the only true way of experiencing God or of honoring Him.

That's how religions have been formed.

And that's how we've all been controlled to think.

But what if God came to you in an entirely different way?

Would you welcome Him if He came to you differently?

Like in an unexpected dream I once had of Him.

I woke up knowing He was all that, making Himself felt and known as that.

He was gentle and yet powerful.

Soothing and yet sublime.

And since I have been searching for Him all my life as I did my own thinking, He came through in many different ways. 

So who's to say what is right or what is wrong?

Who's to say theirs is the only correct way of experiencing God?

Perhaps, if people stopped arguing or debating, putting each other down, or mocking each other, God can come through beautifully and unimpeded.

I feel that if you really want to experience God personally, all you have to do is ask.

Pray to Him directly.

I pray to Him as a daughter would to Her One True Father -- the Creator of All.

And He always comes through my dreams, visions, or mind's eye in a way I can understand.

Thus, this blog and other blogs I've created.

There's so much to share, only because I have opened my heart and mind to Him.

Perhaps, He doesn't see any block in my receiving Him in my heart, mind, or spirit, so He comes through beautifully.

It has become so for me that I'm like an expectant child, happily awaiting more messages or instruction from Him.

And the same would be for you if you open your heart and mind to Him and Him alone.

Welcome whatever message, answer, or instruction that will come through that you may have asked for.

Only God can clarify your mind and heart.

Only He will give you the answers you seek.

I merely share with you my own experiences.

Your own will be different from mine, for you are uniquely you.

God doesn't need us to create a new religion from our experiences.

As our Father, He would want us to get along and to help each other.

We are all brothers and sisters and He is our Father and Creator.

Why do we make things too complicated?

Where there is complexity, there will be division and confusion.

God is All About Unity.

He knows I like things simple, so He comes into my life that way.

I have a five-year-old heart that seeks clarity, simplicity, and joy.

If you desire Him more than anything in the world, you will love how He will show up in your life.

Make Him the priority in everything and He will reflect the thought and energy you have.

Allow no one to tell you how God will be in your life.

For your soul to be happy, you must know Him directly.

That has been the objective of our lives anyway -- to experience the Love That Only He Can Give.

Actually, all we need to do is re-connect and re-member.

He was never far away from us.

He was always in our hearts. 

When you seek God above all, expect to be forever changed.

Updated 21 January 2022