Monday, September 9, 2019

On Walking Through the Old City of Jerusalem

I found an apt guide in discovering Jerusalem as an aid in my continuing education of the life of Jesus and His Ministry.

After being shown the previous post's "The Mountains of Jerusalem", I found another beautiful video shown above wherein the patient and devoted Dr. David R. Reagan takes us on a walk through the old city of Jerusalem.

You see, even if you cannot travel to those places, the important thing is what is in your heart.

If your desire is like mine -- to know Christ in full -- then, Dr. Reagan is a wonderful guide and teacher as he consistently connects his findings with Biblical Scripture.

I think Dr. Reagan mastered Scriptures first before he took those trips, otherwise he couldn't have quoted the appropriate passages that pertained to his many trips to Jerusalem.

More and more each day, I am learning from Dr. Reagan and enjoying the many lessons I'm learning about Jesus.

Ever since I discovered Dr. Reagan's "method" two days ago, I have been a changed person.

Please join me as we continue to learn more about Christ, for in doing so our lives will amount to so much more.

The Holy Spirit always does that -- giving the lessons and giving your life more depth and meaning.

Updated 21 January 2022