Saturday, September 7, 2019

Israel: God's Nation

Why is Israel so important to God?

Why are so many people and nations hard on Israel?

Dr. David R. Reagan has studied and taught the Bible since 1976.

He also loves the Jewish people and what they represent as can be learned from his website.

You will love the video and two sample chapters from his book.

I had a few Jewish friends and I found them very intelligent, talented, hard-working, and focused.

One friend even let me listen to traditional Jewish music by a male vocalist and I must say it hit a chord in my heart, sending many beautiful reverberations to my soul. The music felt ancient and very haunting to me.

I was also intrigued learning about Albert Einstein being first offered the presidency of Israel which was finally created on 14 May 1948.

Strangely, I also was drawn to the "Star of David" many years ago.

Read more about Israel here.

And so continues my education about God, Jesus, Israel, Jews, and Biblical Prophecy.

I feel I've finally come home with this new knowledge.

And I thank God and His chosen messenger and teacher for me, Dr. David R. Reagan.

Our soul always leads us to that which resonates well with our hearts.

May you enjoy my new discoveries, too!

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Updated 21 January 2022