Wednesday, September 11, 2019

How Endings Become Beginnings

Please don't be sad if I tell you this is my last post here, for you can still find me on another blog.

After finding essential knowledge so very vital for my spirit, I have since decided I'd like to focus more on studying Bible Prophecy quietly on my own so I created a new blog -- "Prophecy Lessons".

I'm on my fifth day of being so excited and intrigued about this difficult and challenging task, nevertheless I couldn't wait for morning to come today as I knew I was going to create that new blog where I shall pour all my heart into from now on.

I've let go of 98% of my dozens of blogs for their time is past.

I am now completely focused on the Word of God, on Christ's urgent messages for us that we usually don't pay attention to.

Well, I have my good friend who is ever-reliable in supplying me Scripture passages, plus I've come across a prophecy teacher in the person of Dr. David R. Reagan who I found online.

And having aligned my energies with Dr. Reagan, I discovered many other teachers he has also aligned with -- such magnificent discoveries of God's Word for me!

You see, we're all here to help and support each other.

I've waited so long to find something to focus on and pour out all my heart energies to and God heard my prayers.

Probably more accurately, He knew I was ready for His Son.

There is no doubt, the Holy Spirit led me to Dr. Reagan's videos (see 10 other earlier posts) as for sometime now I had been clearing my heart and emptying my mind for only Christ.

He waited so long but it's always never too late.

The Holy Spirit makes sure of that, especially if your heart is true and your desire is real.

You know that feeling when something really powerful burns in your heart?

Something that is so sweet and divine and yet urgent?

Well, Christ and His Bible Prophecy is that for me.

I don't know about you but I honestly feel it's time for all people to focus on Jesus now, more than ever.

I did say I've had many dreams and visions of of God, Jesus, and things that have happened or are probably happening.

Now, I'm on the most important part of my soul's path by finally connecting these dreams and visions with Scriptures -- the Word of God.

That was the vital thing missing in my work.

I had not quoted from Scripture, only because I did not know whom to trust and what to study.

Finally, I know -- it's Bible Prophecy -- and I intend to share all I know with you through my new blog.

So please say farewell this this old blog and welcome the Christ-inspired "Prophecy Lessons" instead.

A life without Christ is nothing.

A life knowing His Prophecies are everything.

Thank you for being here and making time to read my posts.

Your kindness and presence gave meaning to all my writing and efforts.

Prepare to take your learning to the next level, too, as I create that other blog.