Saturday, September 12, 2020

The JOY of Following JESUS

It has been a year, that I first followed Jesus.

I had no idea it would be this FUN!

How the LORD repaired my soul, my strength, my being.

How His Holy SPIRIT taught me things about Him.

How He brought me ever closer to His FATHER.

How my work blossomed, under His care, and guidance.

How all my simple needs are being met.

How nothing else matters, but Him.

How soothing SCRIPTURE is.

How MAGNIFICENT the Lord GOD is!

How I had been writing since 3 a.m., and the ideas continue.

All come from the SPIRIT of God, this new life, these new lessons, this new happiness!

How tireless it is to serve the LORD.

How the perfect verse is supplied, for all my questions.

How perfect understanding is given about those verses.

You see, I approach God from a child's heart, a heart that I will always have.

SPIRIT and I play with ideas, as He allows me to gaily search for verses -- perfect choices for what God wants to say to me, for me, and even "through" me.

As a result, I get to write articles, non-stop, all backed by SCRIPTURE.

Everything is about JESUS now.

How the Lord is wonderful, merciful, loving, glorious, magnificent, and consistent.

How I seem to be living in a world all my own, just God, and I.

How I understand the world, and have no fear about what it's doing.

How my faith rests in JESUS alone.

"The reason most people don't have a testimony, 
is they can't defend their faith." 

Dr. Charles F. Stanley declared that on the 27:53 minute of this video.

Well, I have a testimony, and you're reading it now.

It's a child-like testimony of what God can do to your life, if only you'd allow Him.

And I ask, why must we even "allow" God?

God must HAVE our whole life!


He's got every right!

Without God, we won't even exist.

Even a child can understand the importance of that.

But adults think they are wiser, more in tune to the world, and all that.

Well, the world is out of tune.

I'm only attuned to the SPIRIT of God.

I only listen to the music of God in my soul.

Only JESUS will lead you back to God.

And thus, you must follow Him.

There are no two ways about it.

Follow Jesus, and you will be taught the ways of the LORD.

It may not be easy for others, but because I've searched for God's Truth ALL my life, and when I was led to JESUS -- "the way, the truth, and the life" -- I dropped EVERYTHING that was not of Christ.

Even as I was in so much error, following Jesus was easy for me.

The Holy SPIRIT of God knew how to lead me back to Jesus -- INSTANTLY!

All that caused my soul harm, all that displeased the Lord, I had to let go of.

In my search for God's TRUTH, I read so many books, except they were esoteric stuff, supposedly "hidden" truth.

Not so.

The ONLY reference should have been the BIBLE -- the Word of God.

Thing is, there were so many versions.

Anyway, the SPIRIT of God led me to one that is attuned to my soul -- the King James Version, or KJV.

It's "old English", but I don't mind.

I seem to comprehend it.

A child-like soul comprehends the "old English" version of the Bible?

Weird, but it works.

Only through the SPIRIT of God do I comprehend that supposedly difficult and archaic version.

I'm no expert, but God leads me each day.

I can't wait for Him to unfold new treasures each day.

Such as verses I can explore, through my writings.

The WORD of God is truly MAGNIFICENT!

You will never fear the world again.

Maybe, the world will fear you -- all because you have JESUS in your heart!

Such is your delight when you find JESUS.

You become confident in Him.

You have the WORD of God in you.

JESUS is the Word of God.

The Word of God is the BIBLE.

So, wouldn't that make JESUS the BIBLE?


See what I mean?

You never know what you'll discover, if your heart is attuned to God, eager to know His TRUTH alone.

Each day becomes magnificent!

Open your heart to the Lord now!

You will experience joy, strength, love, and confidence the world can never give you.

Find your peace in God.

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