Sunday, September 6, 2020

On Being a NEW Person in CHRIST

17 Therefore if any man be in Christ, 
he is a new creature: 
old things are passed away; 
all things are become new.

2 Corinthians 5:17 
King James Version

A year ago today, the SPIRIT of the LORD touched my soul, and I was never the same again.

I had become a new person, in JESUS.

Things of God were the only things that mattered.

And how exquisite the timing was!

For the world was to turn darker than it already had.

God took mercy upon my tenacious soul, which kept asking Him to please reveal His TRUTH to me.

It had been my fervent prayer, and last year, God felt it was time for the Holy Spirit to start instructing me.

He knew this imperfect being relentlessly searched for Him, thus, the creation of this blog in 2018, and many other blogs after that.

I was searching for the CORE of my being, and in the process, was led back to GOD, through JESUS, and the Holy SPIRIT, who was the TEACHER of ALL Things.

The Holy SPIRIT led me to BIBLE verses I needed to know, from which I took down notes, my soul leading me particularly to the WORDS of Jesus in the Four Gospels, to the beginning of CREATION in Genesis, and the END times in the Book of Revelation.

I don't know how your path and education will be, if you give your heart to Jesus, but this was how God wanted mine.

Night and day, the articles called to me, with specific titles forming in my heart.

I aimed to be perfectly-attuned to CHRIST, and the lessons were intense, as if making up for lost time.

Every time I felt like writing something, I'd merely pray to Jesus to tell me what He wanted written.

Most of the time, the articles were just THERE.

And I merely let the Holy SPIRIT of God lead me to the PERFECT verse.

God knew I liked precision.

But who could be more precise than GOD?

I was a mere scribe, a dutiful daughter, a repentant soul, a child learning the ways of God, a person wanting to be with GOD forever.

But to know God, one must follow Jesus.

And to follow Jesus, one must be instructed by the Holy Spirit alone.

It was the best education, no school could ever give.

We all need this SPIRITUAL education, straight from the Holy SPIRIT of God.

All other education comes from the world, and the world is not of God.

Fortunately, God took pity upon my persistent and penitent soul, and thought it was time to teach me.

And now?

Here I am before you, a year into my instruction from the Holy SPIRIT, and through the GRACE and GUIDANCE of the LORD.

I also thank Dr. David R. Reagan for those eye-opening, prophetic videos which INSTANTLY led me to become a born-again Christian, and to Joseph, my Bible teacher, who patiently helped for many years, gently guiding me through the verses.

I am a baby that could easily be plucked from God's Hands, but of course, God won't allow that.

One prayer to JESUS is all it takes to be brought back into God's arms, I assure you of that.

How the fallen one wishes to mock God, plucking a soul being saved, from His loving arms.

Listen to what JESUS says here:

29 My Father, 
which gave them me, 
is greater than all; 
and no man is able to pluck them 
out of my Father's hand.

John 10:29 
King James Version

Can you feel the IMMENSITY of that statement?

But the fallen one will keep trying, forever waiting in ambush, that my soul, and your soul, be forever destroyed.

Of course, I don't wish that, so I stay closest to JESUS, more than ever.

The LORD has shown Himself several times in my dreams many years ago, in many various ways, as if in invitation, and holding out a promise in that LIGHT-filled doorway, of which He was my "landlord".

I don't belong to this land.

I belong to JESUS alone.

This first year as a born-again Christian will lead to many more years, until I am worthy of the Lord.

All I've learned the past year, I've shared with you in my blogs, making sure I don't mislead you.

By the GRACE of God, I won't.

I have no other focus but GOD.

He is the CORE of my being.

As He is yours.

It's time for you to seek Him with all your heart, and have nothing to do with the soul-destroying ways of the world.

God was your beginning, for He created you.

God must be your ending, for He waits for you.

Cast your cares upon JESUS.

You belong to Jesus.

22 Cast thy burden upon the Lord, 
and he shall sustain thee: 
he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.

Psalm 55:22 
King James Version

And thus, I look forward to more of JESUS in my heart.

Jesus is the ONLY way back to God.

(Bible verses from; lovely image from Anna Shvets.)

Updated 21 January 2022