Friday, September 4, 2020

Following the BEAT of God's DRUM

Very strange.

First, the Holy SPIRIT of God leads me to this article's title, which beats strongly in my heart.

Then, not knowing what would come next, but trying to search for an appropriate verse, as I normally do, to accompany an image to the article, none was "offered".

I close my eyes, momentarily.

Four words surface:


In that order.


Where'd that come from?

As if my mind had a mind of its own.

Oh, but of course, I belong to God now.

God does the thinking.

He plants the seeds in my mind.

Then I search for the PERFECT verse.

But today, nothing was forthcoming -- no verse -- except those four words.

Faith. Love. Joy. Obedience.

Normally, if I'm not fast enough -- for SPIRIT is FAST -- and I don't write the "prompts" down, I lose the thread.

But this time, the thread was a thick ROPE!

It held on strong in my mind, so I wouldn't forget.

SPIRIT made sure.

So, those four words are the BEAT of God's DRUM -- the things He likes.

He wanted me to know that.

Faith. Love. Joy. Obedience.

Not difficult to understand, right?

FAITH, is trusting God with all your heart.

LOVE, is giving your whole heart to the Creator.

JOY, is being happy serving the Lord.

OBEDIENCE, is simply following the Commandments.

Even a child could remember all that.

Well, God knows my heart, and He knows I don't like complicated.

He knows I wish to share EVERYTHING of Him, with you, in a way ALL can understand.

The BEAT of God's DRUM, is the way to His heart.

Faith. Love. Joy. Obedience.

Jesus showed us how.

It's time we be worthy of our Creator.

He's waited long enough.

Updated 21 January 2022